Eltan is a civil engineering consulting firm based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company was established in 1976 through the merger of two civil engineering firms. Eltan is a private company and is managed by Eng. Arie Lowenton together with a senior engineering team

Eltan employs a skilled team of engineers, technicians and draftsmen. The company's policy is to offer our customers optimal solutions, while maintaining strict budget frameworks, schedule, high level of design, and all this according to the requirements and constraints

Eltan is certified to ISO 9001 international quality standard

The company has more than thirty -five years experience in planning and consulting services for a wide
variety clients, such as government agencies, local authorities, government companies, private corporations, industrial plants and higher educational institutions. The company has a reputation for high quality design services while meeting the constraints of schedules and budgets
:The company provides design and consulting services in the following fields

Road engineering

Rail and light rail

Earthworks and land development

.Site development of residential neighborhoods, public buildings, industrial projects etc

Geodetic works

Using cutting-edge software which supports mapping, soil analytical calculations (roads, lots, drainage, etc.), earthwork calculation, drawing, 3D imaging and databases we can achieve optimization of the design, highest accuracy and high-end graphic presentation, all within the scheduled framework

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email: mail@eltan-eng.co.il